Techno Mumbo Jumbo

We are starting to write a series of technical blog entries. We are using Libgdx to develop our game so it works on desktops as well as Android devices (and hopefully iOS too!) . That implies OpenGL, LWJGL and Java but we are using the Scala language on top of it. We are using Netbeans and Eclipse (Scala IDE) to write our code. There is progress on using Netbeans RCP to create a game editor also. As a version control system the obvious choice is Git and of course GitHub to host it. To streamline processes a Continuous Integration tool was needed so Jenkins hosted on Cloudbees it is. Bear in mind that it means we have SBT working on Jenkins pulling from GitHub on each push and preparing the most up-to-date build of the game. We are also using JIRA to track our progress. Finally the OSs being used to develop are Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows.

If any of these techonoliges catches your attention please subscribe so you hear from our adventures!

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